Ask Yourself This One Question Before Attempting to Build Your Brand Online


If you’ve made it here, I would imagine that you’re inspired. You’ve really been thinking about ways to build your brand online so that you can get those fans, followers, customers, or clients that you know you deserve. Before you dive in, you need to ask yourself one crucial question:

“Do I like creating content?”

(If not, we’ve got some stuff we need to work through boo.)

Are you cool with putting yourself in front of the camera to talk about something that excites you? Do you have a little bit of fun using that particular app to create cute little graphics to post to your favorite social platforms?

If the answer is a firm “hell no,” this will not be the path for you. You still need to develop your personal brand, but online is probably not where it will happen.


You’ve got to have at least a basic interest in finding and creating content and posting it online. Issa Rae loved writing and producing videos and posting them to YouTube. That was her thing, and she was damn good at it. Her passion for her art showed.

If you don’t have even a slight passion for creating content, you won’t do it for very long. You’ll only end up frustrated with your own inconsistency and confused as to why you’re not seeing any progress.

Why Content Is So Important

Becoming a true thought leader requires you to create a lot of content consistently.

If you want to become a blogger with at least a half-way decent following, you’ve got to write tons of good content.

If you are trying to sell a product or service online, you’ve got to create valuable content that will make people trust and want to buy from you.

If you’re looking for a new job or trying to get a raise, you’ve got to create content that shows that you’re an expert at what you do.

Are you noticing a trend?

If You Don’t Like Creating Content, There’s Still Hope

Content is king. Without it, no one will notice you online, and it will be impossible to truly cultivate an audience who will read your blog, buy your product, or hire you for that job.

But don’t feel intimidated if you don’t feel incredibly passionate about creating content. You simply may not have found the content type that works for you. Everything ain’t for everybody. You have to know your strengths and play to them.

If you’re likable and do well in front of a camera, create YouTube videos (like Issa did). If you have a great voice and can make a point really well, podcasting may be your thing. Are you a good writer? Then a blog may be your path.

The key way to build your brand online: Find your content sweet spot and create, create, create.

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