I'm Kesha...

Hey! I’m Kesha Phillips, the brain and heart behind Soulful Rubber Media. I’ve got 16 years in the graphic design game and 11 more in marketing and branding. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. But trust me, I didn’t step into this arena just to play with colors and fonts. I came to flip the proverbial script.

My dad, a graphic designer, got me hooked early. I was that kid tinkering on old computers, making magic with whatever tools I had. Fast forward 17 years, and here I am, still at it. I noticed small businesses struggling to find their vibe and voice. That’s where Soulful Rubber Media jumps in – we’re not just about spicing up your brand; we’re here to infuse it with soul and swagger.

Great design? It’s more than just looking good. It’s about striking a chord with your audience, building something real – trust, loyalty, a vibe they can’t ignore. That’s the Soulful Rubber way.

Why "Soulful Rubber?"

Picture this: It’s 2012 and my two-year-old son, in all his toddler wisdom, blurts out ‘Soulful Rubber’ randomly. And guess what? It stuck. Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places, right?

The ‘Soulful’ part? That’s our promise to dive deep into the heart of your brand, tapping into the authentic, emotional core that makes you, well, you. We’re talking real connections, building trust, and creating a brand that resonates on a deeper level with your audience.

Now, about ‘Rubber’ – think flexibility and resilience. We mold and adapt your branding to fit just right, like that favorite pair of sneakers. Whether it’s designing a standout logo, crafting a flyer, or strategizing your social media presence, we’re all about making your brand as adaptable and eye-catching as possible.

So there you have it, ‘Soulful Rubber’ – a name with a backstory as unique as the branding magic we create. It’s all about depth, flexibility, and a touch of toddler genius.

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(Also, my son said it years ago and it kinda stuck with me. 🤷🏾‍♀️)

Why choose us?

At Soulful Rubber Media, we’ve mastered the art of using AI to transform small and micro-sized businesses into local legends. In a world clamoring for attention, we ensure your business is the showstopper.

What sets us apart? It’s simple:

  • Ditching the Boring: Say goodbye to snooze-worthy marketing.
  • Creative Fusion: We mix creativity, street wisdom, and tech know-how.
  • Digital Wingman: Think of us as your guide in the digital jungle, making your brand hit as hard as an iconic hip-hop verse.
  • Unique Understanding: We get the hustle and treat your business with the uniqueness of a rare sneaker drop.

Our approach:

  • Personalized & Fresh: Tailored solutions with a sprinkle of humor. (Because life is too damn short.)
  • Impactful Messaging: We’re talking thumb-stopping social content and designs that do the talking.

It’s more than marketing for us; it’s about sparking a movement. Join the Soulful Rubber family, and let’s not just get your business seen – let’s make it unforgettable. #StaySoulful