I'm Kesha...

Hey there! I’m Kesha Phillips, the mastermind behind Soulful Rubber Media. With over 16 years of experience as a graphic designer and 11 years in the world of marketing and branding, I’ve seen it all. But let me tell you, I didn’t start this journey just to create pretty designs. No, I wanted to shake things up and infuse some soul into the visual world.

Inspired by my father, a graphic designer, I dabbled in graphic design from an early age, receiving his outdated computers loaded with advanced programs. Over 17 years, my passion and skill deepened, and I recognized a significant need among small businesses for personalized, creative branding. Hence, Soulful Rubber Media was born, promising to breathe life and soul back into business marketing, with a unique focus on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners stand distinctively in their marketplace.

I believe that great design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about connecting with your audience on a deeper level, building trust, loyalty, and impact.

Why "Soulful Rubber?"

Don’t roll your eyes. You’re about to find yourself impressed at what the name “Soulful Rubber” represents:

The word “soulful” suggests a sense of authenticity, emotion, and purpose. When it comes to branding and design, this means we go beyond the surface level and dig deep into you, your values, your mission, and vision. By infusing our work with soul, we help your business create a brand that resonates with your customers on a deeper level, building trust, loyalty, and impact. 

And just like rubber can stretch and adapt to different shapes, colors, and textures, our branding and design work can help businesses like yours create a unique and flexible visual identity that reflects your values and personality. Whether we’re designing a logo, a flyer, or your social media strategy, we use our creativity and expertise to mold your ideas into a cohesive and eye-catching brand 😉

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(Also, my son said it years ago and it kinda stuck with me. 🤷🏾‍♀️)


Why choose us?

First off, I’ve personally been in the visual design game for over 16 years, so I know my stuff. But what really sets Soulful Rubber Media apart is our love for innovation. We’re not afraid to use the latest tech (like AI) to create design elements that make your brand stand out. Yep, you read that right – we’re AI wranglers!

We’re not your average design team. We’re always on the hunt for new and creative ways to tackle design challenges. We’re talking outside-the-box thinking, out-of-this-world techniques, and cutting edge tools. We’re basically design ninjas (minus the throwing stars).

Our mission at Soulful Rubber Media is simple: to create awesome designs and scroll-stopping social media for awesome entrepreneurs and small business owners and to help their businesses thrive. We’re a team of scrappy, yet passionate, creative pros who are dedicated to making sure you get the results you need. So if you want to work with a partner who’s both skilled (and a little sassy for fun), look no further. Let’s get to work!