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A staggering 3.6 billion people around the world are on social media.

Yup, that’s almost half of everyone on the planet! So, think about it: by bringing your small business into the social media scene, you’re opening the door to a HUGE audience. It’s like hosting a global party where everyone’s already hanging out. 🎉 By joining in, you can increase your brand’s visibility, drive more folks to your website, and boost those sales. Don’t miss the chance to chat with so many potential customers who might just love what you offer. Don’t know where to begin? That’s where we come in.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness

We're the caffeine to your Facebook content, making sure your brand buzz is amplified. So you can worry less about the algorithms and more about growing your empire.

Increase Your Twitter Presence

Elon aside - Partner with us to craft impactful tweets that represent your brand and truly connect with your target audience.

Strengthen Your Instagram Engagement

Ready to trade in your dull Instagram feed for something that pops? We churn out posts that get double-tapped.

Expand Your Professional Network

Tired of being lost in the LinkedIn shuffle? Let us string together the right words and strategies that make the networking bigwigs sit up and pay attention.

Boring Social Media? Not on our watch!

Anyone can just slap some text on a Canva template and post it to social (No offense to Canva users. We love it too!) But it takes more than that to reach your audience and really get them to take notice. Here’s what sets us apart:

We keep track of social media trends so you don't have to.

We fully manage your social media—fewer tasks on your plate.

We use the latest tools and technologies for fresh, engaging content.

We genuinely care about your audience and will create posts that keep them engaged.

We offer increases in followers and engagement while keeping it affordable.

We provide a simple review and approval process for all posts.

Some of Our Stuff

The Top 4 Benefits of Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Enhance Brand Visibility

Reach a wider audience by creating a strong presence on multiple social platforms.

Build Trust and Authority

Establish your brand as a go-to resource by engaging with customers and sharing valuable content.

Improve Customer Relationship

Regular interaction helps you better understand your audience and makes them feel valued.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Share blog articles, product launches, or promotional offers to encourage visitors to your site.

Awesome Words from a Few of Our Partners

"Yesterday was a spirit night for my daughter's school. At the event, the school's Director of Marketing went out of her way to come over to me and tell me how much she has loved the way my social media presence has evolved! She said the branding is so clear and easily recognizable. She said it really caught her eye because so many small businesses are just all over the place with their stuff that it's hard to follow and the branding gets lost. So kudos!!! 👏👏👏 And I sure did give credit where it's due and she said I'm clearly working with someone that knows their stuff."
Desirae Ysasi
Ysasi Counseling
“Communication and branding knowledge are A1”
Currently working with Soul Rubber Media to curate all of my social media content and my experience has been great so far. This company really does a great job at understanding their clients brand and their communication is A1.
Dominique Robinson, Owner/Founder Playing 4 Keeps
“Thanks to Soulful Rubber Media we are right where we wanted to be.”
Kesha of Soulful Rubber Media is a thoughtful professional who truly listens to the needs and wants of her clients. She took the abstract idea I had of my multi-line brand and captured the Fun, Flirty, Elegant look I did not know I needed for my brand.
albee723, Scrubs
“We highly recommend them.”
Absolutely love their designs!! You can tell they take pride in their work!! I will not work with anyone else moving forward! Thank you soooo much!
salboogie, Owner | Innovative Shine

Pricing Options

*All tiers require a 1-time $99 initiation fee that includes any required setup and market research. Monthly plans are managed through FreshBooks and can be canceled at any time. All tiers require a 1-week lead time. (1-week before first post launched.)


Great for small businesses just starting out

$550/per month

+$99 one-time setup/market research fee

3 posts per week on up to 2 platforms
Basic audience engagement
Monthly progress update
1 Instagram (video) Reel per week


Great for businesses with infrastructures in place to handle rapid growth

$1700/per month

+$99 one-time setup/market research fee

Daily strategic posts on up to 3 platforms
Proactive audience engagement and community building
Weekly comprehensive progress report with detailed analytics
*BONUS: One 300-500 word blog post per month free to use on website or LinkedIn

Custom Plan

Set up a call to discuss a plan that best fits your business!

Customized options available include:

Additional video Reel content
Social strategy
Market research
Monthly product/ business photography to capture content (Atlanta Metro Area)
And more!


Most frequent questions and answers

Every business has a unique voice, something that makes them special. We’ll take the time to understand your brand inside out so the messaging will be perfectly tailored to your brand and your audience.

So, how about we imagine our social media partnership like a friendly downtown fitness club? You know, the kind where everyone knows your name, and the energy’s contagious!

Now, to keep that rhythm going, they offer a gym membership – just like our service, it’s a month-to-month sort of deal. Sounds sweet, right? No lengthy commitments or binding contracts! Just like you can cancel your gym membership at any time (though we hope you’d sweat it out), you can also opt to part ways with us whenever you feel the need. 

But here’s the catch – remember how when you skip the gym for too long, you miss out on the gains you’ve been working so hard for? And next thing you know, it’s a struggle to lug the heavy shopping bags up the stairs again… Well, the same goes for your social media progress.

Social media momentum, much like your fitness, builds with consistency and time. If our partnership pauses, there’s a risk of losing the pace, the engagement and the growth we’ve worked hard to build – kinda like saying ‘see you soon’ to those hard-earned biceps!

But hey, ultimately the choice is yours, just like choosing to hang up those gym shoes. We’re here whenever you’re ready to get back in the fitness (read: social media) game. Surely those Instagram followers won’t pump themselves up! Let’s hit that social treadmill together!

Of course! We love analogies. So, picture us as expert social media chefs. Our first step? We’ll make it our mission to understand your unique market flavor. We’ll do the necessary research to figure out the most appetizing types of content for your particular audience.

Ever tried a carousel? Not the fun, spinning one at the fair (though, we’re fans of those too) – we’re talking about those swappable, multi-image posts on Instagram. Oh, and let us not forget the modern art of the social media world – compelling graphics. We’re also well-versed in creating Instagram Reels, because who doesn’t love a snack-sized video? And if your audience is looking for a dash of industry know-how, we’ll serve up curated industry news, hotter than your morning coffee.

Before we start cooking up this delicious content, we will present you with our planned menu, or rather a list of content topics. We believe in getting the green light from you first. After all, you’re the head chef here. Picture it as a tasting session before the big banquet.

But here’s the zest of all this: We’re not just about serving you ready-to-go dishes. We’re also here to give you some cooking lessons. We’ll provide you with a list of suggested content types that you should aim to create. Because in the grand feast of social media, your audience craves for dishes cooked up by you! And we can’t wait to see what types of flavors you bring to the table.

Ah, the age-old question. The answer isn’t always straightforward as social media is fluid, dynamic and not at all a straightforward medium. BUT we’re experts at tracking and measuring success. Think of it like finding your favorite donut in a box full – we’ll show you exactly where your wins and opportunities are.

Your social media presence should be like your favorite sitcom – consistent and engaging. We tailor the frequency of posts to your business’ individual needs and industry best practices.

Social media is a field that requires time to cultivate, and it’s important to ensure we set realistic timelines for result expectations.

Social media results vary from industry to industry. They can be affected by the natural virility of the product or service (ex: cosmetic brands with even just a few good testimonials to leverage can take off quickly.) Generally speaking, though, social results often follow a trajectory similar to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which typically takes between 3–6 months to start showing results 1.

We need some time to learn about your market, create the content, and then optimize based on the audience’s reaction, so it makes sense that it would take around 3-6 months to start noticing substantial results. However, consistency and continuous refinement is key. We’ll keep leveraging our learnings to deliver a metric rise in brand awareness, engagement, and conversions over time.

Please note, different platforms and business goals may alter this timeline, but this is a general guide to set realistic expectations.


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